21.07.10 First Calf of the season

Today we saw our first humpback whale calf of the season! We encountered the calf with its mother and an escort whale just a mile off north head.

Usually we see the first calves on their way back south after they have been born up north in warmer waters around Fiji, Tonga, Northern Queensland etc.. around October, November.

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18.07.10 Entangled Humpback Whale off Sydney
On Sunday we encountered an entangled humpback whale, who was caught in some sort of fishing line!

entangled humpback whale

we first spotted the whale around 2 miles off the coast of Ben Buckler, which is the northern headland of Bondi Beach.
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02.06.10 Great Day Out There

Today we had a fantastic time with the whales! We saw 2 pods of 3 Humpback Whales just 2 miles off the coast of Manly Beach.


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24.05.10 Not an easy start
The Whale Watching Season 2010 is now officially under way for more than a week now. It has not been an easy start so far as Sydney is facing days of heavy
rain and choppy seas - not ideal for finding and watching whales.

heavy rain over Sydney
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